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Capet Restaurant

«Entering Capet is traveling to a dimension that we all know and at the same time, no one visits as much as they should. One in which flavors, smells and passion bear fruit in the experience of savoring the passage of time and staying in the place as if someone had naturally established it that way. As if it had to be this way. No redundant gadgets or decorative artifices. Honesty and flavor in equal parts. Boldness and passion, each more intense».

This text is from a friend of ours. The text you have written to define us. Perhaps redundant, perhaps bombastic, what it tries to explain to us is part (or all) of our daily work. 

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A work that is based on making diners and friends see that from the foods we already know, those that are so close we almost forget, and a careful technique where nothing has to weigh more than necessary, Capet tries to be an example of honesty both in its proposal and in its result. Market cuisine understood as what it really should be. The food that we have always had there and that, for some strange reason, we have stopped admiring it as we should. The food we like. Long life!

Armando Alvarez

It all started in 1999 when I decided to start in the family business helping my parents in the inn they had called Leche y Miel in Puerto la Cruz. Cooking always caught my attention. Thanks to my parents I took the first step, learning in my beginnings from my mother, without many culinary techniques but I had what you have to have in a kitchen that is seasoning.

In December 2007, I wanted to make a change in my life and decided to come to Barcelona. I started the first 4 years working in a restaurant called Coure, then I got another opportunity to work in another restaurant called La Panxa del Bisbe, and I accepted. I started as a cook and after 4 months I was in charge of the kitchen. After the last experience came new challenges in the Carlitos restaurant, changing the gastronomic proposal they had for a year and a half until I had the opportunity to open my first restaurant in June 2014 in the Gracia neighborhood (Benet Mercade street, 21). After 4 years I opened my second restaurant, in April 2018, which is where we are today in Capet Gótico (Calle Cometa, 5).

I am currently working on some new projects that we will tell you about later. 

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